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Galmegi Brewing on The Session brewing podcast

For you uber beergeeks out there, you may know The Session podcast produced by The Brewing Network out of Northern California just recently featured our head brewer Stephane Turcotte on their weekly Podcast. The Session’s purpose is to entertain while bring in interviews with professional brewers, talks about the craft beer industry, homebrewing, and other such beer related topics. If you want to check it out pop on over to The Session’s page on the Brewing Network for links to your preferred podcast provider or just follow these links.

The Session: Galmegi Brewing Company
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:17:09 — 79.1MB)


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WanderLuxe names Galmegi Brewing one of the best in Asia

Lifestyle magazine WanderLuxe has just written an article titled, “GUY’S GUIDE: THE BEST CRAFT BEER IN ASIA” in which Galmegi Brewing Co. was named one of the best! We are obviously thrilled with this honor and it’s especially exciting to see our name shared on a list with some other Asian breweries that we admire. Here is an excerpt from their article:

Three locations, six tap year-rounders, a rotating roster of seasonals (hello ‘I’m Pine IPA’ with pine and juniper) and brew collaborations with the likes of The Booth, Four Sesasons Craft Brew Pub, and the Magpie Brewing Co., these Busan boys have been busy. They’ve also recently launched some pretty handsome refillable growlers, which we hope, is a step in the right direction for other Asian breweries to offer these environmental convenient beer takeaways that has already swept American craft-brew bars. And Seoul, you havn’t been left out – you can find all the Galmegi beers at Neighborhood in Sinchon.

Thank you again WanderLuxe for your review!

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We are happy to announce some exciting new food to the menu this week: Burgers! Our first of three originals is “The Classic”. We’ve got a 6.5 oz prime Australian beef patty with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard. All of our buns are made fresh by our friend at Maître Artisan (French Bakery) in Namcheondong. Stay tuned for the next two… Cheers!


갈매기 브루잉 레스토랑의 새로운 메뉴, 버거가 오늘 부터 서빙됩니다. 오늘은 새롭게 선보이는 세가지 버거 중 첫번째로 ‘The Classic’ 을 소개합니다. 180그램의 호주산 프라임 쇠고기 패티와 치즈, 베이컨, 양상추, 토마토, 케첩과 머스타드소스로 구성되었을 뿐만 아니라 남천동의 프렌치 베이커리 ‘메트르 아티정’ 에서 매일 구워지는 신선한 버거 번을 사용합니다! 곧 나머지 두 버거들도 소개하겠습니다.



Jump on over to The Brewery page for more info and directions


check out menu here (메뉴)

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Lighthouse Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale is often intended as a transitional beer to help consumers who are familiar with mass market lagers.  This beer is typically light in colour ranging from yellow straw to medium blonde. Bitterness and malt is usually moderate. It is a easy introduction to craft beer. 

Galmegi Lighthouse Blonde

Galmegi Lighthouse Blonde

Galmegi Brewing are proud to introduce “Lighthouse Blonde Ale”.  Great for the summer, this refreshing, easy-drinking take on an American classic is brewed with a subtle, dry hop that brings out an enticing, fruity aroma.

Lighthouse Blonde

Style: Blonde Ale 브론드 아일

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 25

Light, refreshing and crisp.

매혹적인, 과일향

Available year round


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I’m Pine IPA

Galmegi Brewing’s latest seasonal is now on tap. This one doesn’t need naming, as we’ve already done it: “I’m Pine IPA”. It’s a bold and bitter IPA with additions of juniper berries and Korean pine needle tea to play up the evergreen aromas and flavours. It’s 6.5% ABV and 70 IBU. Just ask your server, “How are you today?”

갈매기의 새 시즈널 맥주가 출시되었습니다!

‘I’m Pine IPA’
6.5% ABV / 70 IBU

이 IPA는 마치 소나무 숲에서 느껴질 법한, 주니퍼베리와 솔잎차의 캐릭터를 가지고 있는 깔끔한 맥주입니다. 기존의 갈매기 IPA와 비교하시면서 마시면 더욱 즐기실 수 있습니다.
지금 브루어리에서 판매되고 있으니 드시러 오세요!

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Hopping Sheep Double IPA

We are excited to announce our newest collaboration with The Booth:
Hopping Sheep Double IPA
9.0% ABV, 120 IBU!!!
6,000 won
Welcome to the year of the Sheep! Galmegi Brewing and The Booth collaborated to bring you the first IIPA in Korea. Hoppin mad? You bet. Generously hopped with Simcoe and Citra then double dry hopped with Galaxy – this thing ain’t sheepish. Big tastes of resin, bubble gum, and peach await with huge bitterness and a slight maltiness that is sure to please. So hop on over and enjoy. Tastes like this only come once a year! On tap starting Thursday @ Galmegi Brewing. Cheers!

2015년 양의 해를 맞이하여 부산 갈매기 브루잉 – Galmegi Brewing과 The Booth 더부쓰가 한국에서는 처음으로 만든 더블IPA를 선보입니다! 심코와 시트라 홉으로 양조, 갤럭시 홉으로 신나게 드라이 호핑했습니다. 풍선껌, 시트러스 그리고 복숭아 향이 씁쓸하고 몰티한 맛을 예고해줍니다. 포스터의 양처럼 뛰어오세요, 다시는 못마실수도 있습니다. 목요일부터 부산 갈매기 2호점에서 판매 됩니다.

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억새풀(ok-se-pool : Silver Grass) – Strong Scotch Ale

Now we are pleased to announce our new collaboration with the fantastic pub in Seoul, Four Seasons.

Brewery : Galmegi Brewing X Four Seasons
Name : 억새풀(ok-se-pool : Silver Grass)
Style : Strong Scotch Ale
ABV : 8.5%
IBU : 50

Moderate caramel flavor and malty sweetness with smooth texture. It’s alcohol kick is well hidden. but be warned, it has 8.5% ABV and will warm you up.
This beer is soft at a first glance, but really strong.

Come and enjoy our strong beer for the cold weather right now!

서울과 부산. 위치는 극과 극이지만 마음은 늘 가까이에 있는 크래프트 비어펍 사계와 함께 준비했습니다.

Brewery : 갈매기 브루잉 X 사계 콜라보레이션
Name : 억새풀
Style : Strong Scotch Ale
ABV : 8.5%
IBU : 50

8.5% 높은 도수가 느껴지지 않는 부드러운 질감과 은은한 캬라멜 풍미가 기존의 국내 맥주에서 쉽게 접하기 힘든 독특한 매력을 선사할 것입니다. 겉은 한없이 부드럽지만 속은 누구보다 강한, 연약한 듯 보이지만 바람에 꺾이지 않는 억새풀같은 스카치 에일 억새풀.

쌀쌀해지는 날씨에 기분좋은 따뜻함을 주는 억새풀.
오늘부터 갈매기 브루어리에서 판매합니다!

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Saison de Wang

Tonight we are proud to introduce a new full-time beer. Say goodbye to our Amber and say 반갑습니다 to “Saison De Wang” – Korea’s greatest King and 65th best beer. This farmhouse style Belgian ale is brewed with black and Sichuan peppercorns and is filled with fruit flavors and a dry finish. 6% ABV.

새롭게 갈매기의 정규 라인업 중 한 자리를 차지할 맥주를 소개합니다!
그동안 정들었던 Campfire Amber를 떠나 보내고, Saison de Wang이 그 자리를 차지 합니다. 우리나라의 가장 위대한 성군 중의 한명인 세종대왕님의 이름에서 힌트를 얻은 이 맥주는 벨지안 팜하우스 에일 스타일로써 조금의 스파이시함이 과일캐릭터와 함께 잘 어울리며, 깔끔한 드라이 피니시를 가지고 있습니다. 오늘부터 갈매기 브루어리에서 즐기세요!(앰버 또한 마지막 배치를 서빙하고 있습니다!)