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Galmegi Brewing on The Session brewing podcast

For you uber beergeeks out there, you may know The Session podcast produced by The Brewing Network out of Northern California just recently featured our head brewer Stephane Turcotte on their weekly Podcast. The Session’s purpose is to entertain while bring in interviews with professional brewers, talks about the craft beer industry, homebrewing, and other such beer related topics. If you want to check it out pop on over to The Session’s page on the Brewing Network for links to your preferred podcast provider or just follow these links.

The Session: Galmegi Brewing Company
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:17:09 — 79.1MB)


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WanderLuxe names Galmegi Brewing one of the best in Asia

Lifestyle magazine WanderLuxe has just written an article titled, “GUY’S GUIDE: THE BEST CRAFT BEER IN ASIA” in which Galmegi Brewing Co. was named one of the best! We are obviously thrilled with this honor and it’s especially exciting to see our name shared on a list with some other Asian breweries that we admire. Here is an excerpt from their article:

Three locations, six tap year-rounders, a rotating roster of seasonals (hello ‘I’m Pine IPA’ with pine and juniper) and brew collaborations with the likes of The Booth, Four Sesasons Craft Brew Pub, and the Magpie Brewing Co., these Busan boys have been busy. They’ve also recently launched some pretty handsome refillable growlers, which we hope, is a step in the right direction for other Asian breweries to offer these environmental convenient beer takeaways that has already swept American craft-brew bars. And Seoul, you havn’t been left out – you can find all the Galmegi beers at Neighborhood in Sinchon.

Thank you again WanderLuxe for your review!

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Growlers! Now Available at Galmegi Brewery

They’re here! Available beginning tomorrow at the brewery: Galmegi Growlers. These bad boys are 2-liter, brown-glass, heaven vessels with swing-tops to keep the beer fresh. The growlers are 45,000 won (including first fill) and then 16,000 won to refill with the beer style of your choice. SO EXCITE!!! OMG!!! cheers

드디어 내일부터 갈매기브루잉의 테이크 아웃 서비스, 갈매기 그라울러가 시작됩니다. 이 ‘그라울러’는 2리터 갈색 유리병이며 스윙탑 뚜껑을 가지고 있어 갈매기의 맥주들을 신선하게, 안전하게 보관할 수 있습니다. 처음 구매시에는 병안의 맥주를 포함하여 병까지 45,000원에 제공해드리고, 그 이후부터는 그라울러를 가지고 오시면 16,000원에 리필하여 드립니다!!
생각보다 수량이 많지 않습니다. 오직 80병! 망설이지 마시고, 내일 갈매기 브루어리로 오세요!